Kaufman Management Center, the location of NYU Stern classes

Kaufman Management Center, the location of NYU Stern classes

Real estate specialization

All Stern students interested in real estate are highly encouraged to take courses within the MBA program's real estate specialization. The specialization provides training in the following areas:

  • Economics of real estate development and investment

  • Pricing and valuation of financial instruments with real estate as the underlying, such as REITs and mortgage-backed securities

  • Workings of real estate primary and secondary markets

  • Legal, taxation and regulatory environment.

Elective courses can be chosen to emphasize the commercial real estate development process or the investment strategies in real estate capital markets. With an appropriate choice of elective courses, the real estate specialization provides in-depth preparation for various careers in real estate, including development, brokerage, private equity, and public securities. Please click here for a course listing and more detailed information. 

Students are also permitted and encouraged to take further specialized real estate courses within NYU's Shack Institute of Real Estate and the NYU School of Law for full Stern credits. In addition, SREC organizes training courses in real estate financial modeling and ARGUS software in order to best prepare students for their future career endeavors. 

Please feel free to reach out to SREC if you are interested in learning more about any of the course offerings or connecting with someone in the club who has gone through the program.